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Inked in Bali: Discover Tattoo Prices and 5 Popular Tattoo Spots Around Ubud

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Bali, a captivating island known for its stunning natural beauty, offers more than just breathtaking landscapes. It’s a place where creativity thrives, evident not only in its lush greenery but also in its vibrant art scene. Alongside the mesmerizing rice paddies and turquoise shores, Bali has become a hub for tattoo enthusiasts from around the world. But are we really know how much does the tattoo cost?

If you’re looking to embrace the island’s artistic side, why not get inked by some of the most talented tattoo artists? As you embark on your tattoo journey, you’ll likely wonder, “How much does a tattoo cost in Bali?” The answer, as diverse as Bali itself, depends on various factors, including the studio, the artist, and the intricacy of your design.

5 Popular Spots for Tattoo Near Ubud. And Find Out How Much Does a Tattoo Cost In Bali Through The List

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1. Tattoo Republic

Nestled near the artistic heart of Ubud, Tattoo Republic is celebrated for its commitment to both artistic excellence and safety. Their team of skilled tattooists specializes in diverse styles, from intricate mandalas to bold tribal patterns. The cost of a tattoo here varies according to size and complexity. For a small design, you can expect to pay around $50 USD, while larger and more intricate pieces may range upwards.

2. Soul Sake Tattoo

Situated amid the enchanting landscapes of Ubud, Soul Sake Tattoo is a haven for those seeking unique and meaningful ink. Their artists masterfully blend modern techniques with traditional aesthetics. When it comes to pricing, Soul Sake offers competitive rates, starting around $30 USD for smaller tattoos. Larger pieces, rich in detail and symbolism, are priced based on the time and artistry invested.

3. Tri Hita Karana Tattoo

Reflecting the essence of Balinese culture, Tri Hita Karana Tattoo captivates with its fusion of indigenous and contemporary designs. The studio offers a wide range of tattoo styles, from Balinese motifs to intricate watercolor creations. Prices for tattoos at Tri Hita Karana typically begin at $40 USD for smaller pieces, with the cost adjusting according to the size and intricacy of the design.

4. Ubud Ink Tattoo

Housed within Ubud’s creative milieu, Ubud Ink Tattoo boasts a team of skilled artists eager to transform your ideas into captivating body art. This studio already famous to accommodating various styles, including minimalist, realism, and tribal designs. For a unique tattoo experience, expect prices to start at around $50 USD for a smaller piece. The rates for larger or more complex designs are determined by factors like size and detailing.

5. Noko Tattoo Studio

Embracing the artistic spirit of Gianyar, Noko Tattoo Studio offers a diverse range of styles and techniques, from fine line work to intricate shading. Their skilled tattooists are adept at crafting custom designs tailored to each client’s preferences. Tattoo prices at Noko Studio generally begin at approximately $50 USD for simpler designs. More elaborate creations, involving intricate details or larger coverage, may command a higher price point.

Explore these renowned tattoo studios near Ubud to unearth the captivating world of Bali’s tattoo culture. Each studio brings its own flair and specialties, ensuring you’ll find an artist who resonates with your vision and preferences. the tattoo cost in Bali also variant with each specialities and uniqueness

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Kubu Bali Baik Villa & Resort: Your Ultimate Bali Retreat

Kubu Bali Baik Villa & Resort offers an ideal haven for travelers seeking an affordable yet strategic stay in Bali. Located near Ubud, it grants easy access to the island’s vibrant cultural offerings and artistic attractions, including the tattoo studios mentioned earlier.

After an exhilarating day of exploring Bali’s inked treasures, retreat to the comfort of Kubu Bali Baik and indulge in its serene atmosphere. With the charm of nature and the convenience of modern amenities, it’s a perfect base for embracing Bali’s artistic and cultural delights.

As you contemplate your Bali adventure, remember that the price of a tattoo in Bali is as unique as your design. The island’s tattoo scene captures its artistic essence. Offering a canvas for both travelers and locals to express their stories and passions. From Ubud’s creative haven to Gianyar’s vibrant studios, you have the opportunity to carry a piece of Bali’s creativity with you. While exploring the island’s artistic offerings, consider Kubu Bali Baik Villa & Resort as your sanctuary. Book your stay now and uncover the magic of Bali’s artistry and hospitality!

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